Project Description


Well as you might have figured out, I´m not my client. But I still want this site to be here in this portfolio. This is actually my third site. First one was done with HTML5 Boilerplate and strong emphasis on Alviro Trigos fullPage.js. After a year it didn´t look modern enough so I built the next one pager with Bootstrap. And now I have built this WordPress site because I LIKE WORDPRESS.


Basically I needed a new site with possibility to expand. I have always liked fixed and vertical navigation so I went for that. HSWD is also expanding it´s services so webshop was mandatory with good payment gateways (coming in 1/2017). I´m pretty pleased to this site although I haven´t had a time to really finish this site.

Platform: WordPress
Executed with: WordPress, CSS, SSL, WooCommerce, Stripe, premium plugins and lot of optimization.
Hosting: SiteGround
Published: 1/2017


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