Project Description


Aro Private Tattoo Studio is one man tattoo studio in Helsinki. Run by tattooist/artist Akseli Aro who is known for his excellent pointillism tattoos.


Akseli wanted a dead simple and minimalistic one-pager site for his business. All black & white with good looking tattoo photos, automatically updating Instagram feed and one contact form. What else would you need?


The main approach was to showcase his work as simple as possible, show his new works without touching the code and also make some new leads. It´s a pretty static site so I made this site with HTML5 boilerplate, Fotorama.js and social feed. Looks good and works nice.

Platform: none, base was done with HTML5 Boilerplate
Executed with: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Web Design
Hosting: GoDaddy
Published: 12/2015


“Our co-operation went smoothly and the project was completed on time.” – Akseli Aro, Tattoo Artist/Artist