Who Piia Keto - designer extraordinaire. Piia is a multitalent designer from Finland who brings joy to this world with her amazing designs. Working with clients like Arabia, Paulig, Fazer and Aarrekid she is the real deal. Piia is also the other founding member of Kaksitvå.



Client Well as you might have figured out, I´m not my client. But I still want this site to be here in this portfolio. This is actually my third site. First one was done with HTML5 Boilerplate and strong emphasis on Alviro Trigos fullPage.js. After a year it didn´t look modern enough so [...]



TMH Productions is a team of two music enthusiast who organizes a lot of gigs and festivals in Finland. They currently run almost everything in Bar Lepakkomies and also organizes LPRHC festival. TMH is a big part of Helsinki punk scene.



Helsinki Zoo (Korkeasaari in finnish) is the biggest zoo in Finland. Helsinki Zoo is not a HSWD's customer but for my daily job as a Helsinki Zoo´s web producer I've been developing and producing content for this site for years now with help of a talented team from Frantic. This site gets over 3 million page views annually.